Poser Hair-Section

created by Confusius

39-morph-target long hair with

texture and bump-map.

Morphhair 1

Based on the Poser curled hair

with 22 morphs.

Texture and transparency-maps

by Allerleirauh.

Morphhair 2
Morphhair 3
46-morph-target long hair with

texture, bump- and transparen-

cy-maps. Cool styles.

Morphhair 3
Morphhair 4
Morphhair 4 . Dedicated to the

medium- and short-cut styles.

Dual-layered, 45 morph-targets

Morphhair 4

High-resolution-braided -strands-

hair for Poser females.

Due to the high amount of poly-

gons not textures are required.

Braided Strands

High-resolution afro-style hair

for Poser male- and female cha-

racters.  Spike-by-spike-mesh.

No textures required. Length


Twisted Strands
Versatile hair-smart-prop for  Poser-

female characters. This hair consists

of   126   twisted objects with  7  tex-

ture-groups.  33 morph - targets and

23 maps are included.  4 presets 

Twisted Strands
soft curls
Blond Poison for Poser females.

Multilayered  hi-res- (5124 poly-

gons)  hair with  6 mapping-areas,

12 morphs, textures and transpa-


Soft Curls