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Although the roots of our music are from the 70s and 80s we are using production-techniques of the new millenium.

After having finished "Dancing in the Fire" we thought of a more innovative way for this one. The following 5 years kept us busy with composing and producing pure instrumental backings for a singer, that we still didn`t know. During that time we produced 33 titles using a lot of MIDI-stuff. New sound-creation-tools were introduced and new recording-techniques were developed. This was a big step forward into the direction of a "real" sounding production.

It was hard to find a singer, who would match with our sound,but discarding the thought of finding someone next door we tried the world.

Luckily we found Ric Bonnell from Mendon MA. in the U.S.. From that point our work continued rapidly. He brought us the missing ideas and the style, that can be listened to on the CD now. Up to now we have never met, but working to-gether is a big pleasure. We had to exchange sound - files and discuss everything via e- mail. There was always high tension, waiting for the next mail and the results coming out in the end. It`s a time-consuming method, but it connects musicians living thousands of miles away from each other. The final vocal tracks ( sometimes 15 tracks of mutitimbral vocals ! ) were sent to Germany and syncronized to the instrumental tracks. It resulted in an average hard-disk-mix of about 45 tracks alltogether. This took about 3 years.

We decided not to spoil the remix after so many years of work and chose Peter Wahle`s studio for the final mix. Peter suggested to re - edit the drums completely and redo a lot of things and then start with the remix. After a few months our production was ready.....exhausted, but it was worth the time. 7 days in the studio were only the top of the ice-cap.

Simply listen to the result of what we have pioneered: click here